This drug is extremely effective. It took away the pain I had from fibromyalgia. It didn’t do much for the fatigue, though, but I’m not complaining.


I have been taking 100 mg of Savella twice a day for well over five years now. The drug is exceptional. It has really been helping me all this years. I settled on Savella after giving other drugs a shot. These other drugs did work, granted, but they also gave me a number of side effects. The neurologist I visited told me that no one he had ever treated had ever taken the dose I was on (100 mg two times a day). However, this dose was the only way the drug would work for me. There was another drug which I had been administering three times a day. I stopped taking that once I started Savella. It’s just like magic.


Good drug. I love it.


I have been taking Savella for years and years. I had a go at other drugs but those had terrible side effects (including weight gain). I had to endure these side effects for weeks before the doctor prescribed Savella. I have to say I was amazed by the results. Once I started taking the medication, I had no side effects. I hear there are some terrible side effects of Savella. I can’t disprove that, but honestly, I have never had any. Savella works really well.


Savella has really solved a lot of problems I encountered when taking other drugs (side effects). It’s pretty good.


All the other drugs I tried gave me some terrible adverse effect, so I got on Savella, hoping it would be better. I guess it works well for some people and doesn’t work at all for others. For me, it gave me terrible side effects; one after the other. I got stomach aches, headaches, nausea and so many other side effects. I have to say I feel rather let down by the drug.


This is one bad drug, in my opinion. It works well at first but then the side effects come about and all hell breaks loose.


I have been taking this drug a little more than a decade. I normally take 100 mg of Savella twice a day. When I initially started, it helped a lot and I liked the results. Presently, I’ve been having an awful time thanks to the myriad side effects it has induced. These include constant drowsiness, constipation, dry mouth, and practically each and every one of the other symptoms you can consider. I never would have presumed that this was the reason I was having so many negative reactions; chiefly since this is by all account not the only medication I am currently on. From the get go it was only the constant perspiration (which is not so bad in hindsight). Now all the symptoms are extremely upsetting. I am unquestionably going to talk to my rheumatologist about getting off this horrible medication. The specialist has said that this medication after one takes it for quite some time, will meddle with your rest and sleep patterns as well as cause so many other unwanted issues.


I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia subsequent to the anguish I got from exhaustion, constant aches and pains in so many parts of my body, and a general lack of enthusiasm for basically everything. I’ve now been taking 50 mg of Savella twice a day for about two months now. The results of the drug are absolutely astounding; considerable decrease in pain, I don’t feel extremely exhausted all the time anymore, I am a lot more active than I was prior to the medication, and I have also lost the weight I had gained. I have not had any adverse symptoms since I started the medication. Honestly, I have not felt this good in a while. I believe that Savella is the best drug for fibromyalgia out there and anyone with this condition should probably get on it. You just might positively benefit from this pharmaceutical.


I initially started taking Savella around six years ago. It had not been around for too long at that time. I utilized the starter pack that the doctor gave me and almost immediately began experiencing positive results. Savella interacts with a considerable measure of different medications, so one has to be extremely careful when taking it. This is particularly true with serotonin disorder from which I got negative reactions after taking Savella other drugs simultaneously. Savella can also be responsible for rather hasty weight loss. The side effects I got were mild, though. Nothing I couldn’t handle.